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Sharp Edges

I've been utterly obsessed with Linkin Park's "Sharp Edges" (and virtually every album, and every song off of "One More Light"... but I digress), and I have been thinking a lot about consequences and contributions and connection. The three C's? Maybe.

I've been slowly immersing myself in a creative sabbatical for the next two months, and while I have cleared up most of my schedule to accommodate this, the Universe is also presenting Purpose between the cracks of space and time.

Be linear in the non-linear.

When you gift yourself 'time' there is plenty of availability offered for contemplation. I've been cracking open the jagged edges of contribution -- what do I bring into this world, my world, the world? Have I contributed? Have I offered? Have my introverted tendencies created consequences that are either irreparable or a hell of a lot of work that puts the momentum of time in a shadow box of memories, never to be more than dust-covere…