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Throat chakra issues

It's been a while since I've been able to say that I truly felt like I was having "throat chakra issues". I had them often while working at DoveStar -- always feeling like I was processing through something. With all of the classes I took and taught it's really no wonder, and my insecurities as an instructor when I first began certainly played tricks on my energetic throat, although it did, eventually, catch up with me in the physical realm, manifesting as coughing and mumbling of words, stuttering, soar throats, etc. When it appeared we all just looked and smirked and someone would inevitably mutter "throat chakra issues" and sure enough, as though admitting to a cold, it would emerge full fledge, like a small child finally receiving recognition.

I worked hard to heal the throat area, much of it consisting of past life issues that needed to be healed in this lifetime, lessons to learn, but tools to reinforce into the present and emerge anew. During …