Motivationally slow

In the midst of all the chaos that is surrounding me right now, I just feel like this week is in slow motion, completely sure it's Sunday when it's really Monday, behind on the daily to-do's and yet finding humor and slight rebellion by letting it build up and mock me later. Still, I'm feeling motivated in an oddly bizarre state.

I'm working on manifesting powerful change. I like change. I used to think I was one of those types of people who despised it, like so many in our society do. But in truth I crave change. I do. I feel stagnant if things stay still, if things remain the same without the slightest notion of directional movement.

It's odd. It doesn't make for successful completion of any project. It's borderline ADD and yet it's simply the trait of the mighty Capricorn to be a wonderfully innovative starter but our finishing techniques are always quite mucky, always leaving something to be desired. I am hoping to break that trend a bit.

I think in some ways I'm looking to busy myself with projects and general things in life to take myself out of the game of thinking for a while. I tend to withdraw in the summer time, taking it as my moment to hibernate as I reevaluate... well, everything. Summer time is my hiding time, and yet I find that it's almost the complete opposite of what I originally intend.

Ah yes, intentions. Usually the subconscious has it's own mind (haha) than what my conscious mind cares to dictate. As it should be.

My manifestation for the evening?

Glorious sleep with pleasant dreams. I'm afraid my nights are filled with unsettling visions and it's so rare to be lost in a nighttime "daydream".



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