Great days

I think in general I don't tend to necessarily blog about great days. I sometimes feel, in a strange way, that it cheapens it by sharing it. Granted if I had certain great moments/achievements in my life I do love to share it with friends, but in general those really nice days I like to keep with those that experienced it, especially if it's family time. It's not very often we get family time out, just go out, free of errands, and just have a nice night out without having extended family with us. Tonight was the first time in a long time we went out to dinner, mostly because it's cost effective to stay in and eat, but also I fancy myself a much better cook these days than I was when we first got together, so I enjoy the concept of creating something for those that I love, all without waste.

Today was one of those days that made me look at my daughter and wonder how I got so lucky... she chose us in what seems like equal measure (at times) of teacher and student, and she shares this charismatic energy with everyone she comes in contact with -- I have never met a person who has met my daughter and not smiled from the inside out, talk about a gift! I'd like to think I don't take it for granted, that even despite my own sleep deprivation (which has, gladly, never been attributed to her sleep schedule at all, but only to my own issues of insomnia), I'd like to think that I carry that memory with me, every moment, every day. Of course it's easy to get frustrated by the little things -- asking for a particular meal one minute and the moment it's finished cooking saying "no, yucky" and begging for something else instead... or the moments where diaper changes seem like a torture chamber, despite the fact that once upon the table it's all good.

Of course there are moments, the good moments and the challenging moments are all gifts, lessons from the divine sent by little angelic messengers that sometimes seem more like tricksters than angels, but I'm fortunate that the trickster stage is mostly in fun... mostly.

In short, without details, today was a great family day, and I feel especially loved. )0(


Wendy said…
All I can give you here is the generic, but oh-so-apt, "Awwww!!!"

Plus, I owe you an email anyway!

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