Rain rain... go away? Nah.

I love the rain.  Love it!  It's perfectly delicious just as it is today: cold!  It doesn't feel like August in the least, feels sweetly chilly in preparation for the autumn season (which I love more than any other), and today I got to run out with Nimue for a few errands and get nicely rained upon on this cloudy day.

June was the never-ending month of rain.  It was nearly shocking to see rain after rain after rain, and while it certainly depressed/annoyed everyone around me, I was in quite bliss.  As someone who really isn't that much into summer the rain was a nice way to relax from the busyness of my schedule and enjoy the purification the earth was getting, though I suspect some of it was Mother Nature's own sadness and rage towards the pain we've clearly been causing the planet, but instead the poor weather spirits were spent being damned that month for what was perceived as "bad" weather while the sunny days are labeled "good".

I've spent a few months working with weather spirits again.  I had taken a bit of a break from communing directly with them after my Shaman apprenticeship, then I can recall the day I went to go see His Holiness and the rainy day we had, knowing I would be on the floor in an outdoor venue in Foxboro and not wishing to spend the day after getting newly inked all rained upon.  Any other day would have been fine with me, but my art needed time to heal and not be rained upon, and that day I communed with the spirits as I left the house, asking for their assistance if it were possible to hold off on the rain during the day-long festivities, then letting it go, trusting whatever the earth needed was what we were going to receive.  We were all pleasantly surprised to see the rain cease, and even in the afternoon the sun shined bright.  I still smile to remember that even though the rain had stopped it was a bit chilly and windy and His Holiness stopping his lecture to cover himself up, looking to the other monks on the stage and telling them to cover up, then looking at us in the audience and saying "you, with your hats, put them on!"... It was a beautiful day, such love in the air... everyone was in the spirit of love and kindness and compassion, it was contagious.  One of my fonder memories of this year.

We ventured off for little errands and made a last minute stop at the local used bookstore that I don't venture into that often for the sake of both my bookshelves and wallet.  There's something about used books that entices me almost slightly more than a new book.  The smell... oh the smell of books in general is like no other, but I have this fascination with used books, their previous homes/owners, the energies instilled when reading them.

Did they love it?  Did they hate it?  What energy was transmitted through the reader into the book, and can we, as the used book readers/purchasers feel and tune into that energy as well?  Granted there is a certain level of awareness we must allow for such a process, but has anyone ever wondered this as well?

I can recall once getting a used book and feeling angry as I read it.  Frustrated even.  There was nothing in the book terribly upsetting, so it made me wonder about its previous owner.  I started to look at energy in "inanimate" objects.  Not just relative to my theory on used books, but on items in general.  I think as Pagans we've lost this the need to cleanse everything we purchase, even if it's simply placing it in our hands and instilling it with functional energies (I'm limiting my use of the word "positive" after Christopher had pointed out a different way to look at positive/negative energy/ions).

We're used to doing it in ritual setting, but if we take that same mentality and apply it to our everyday lives won't we then really be instilling the notion that there is no such thing as a mundane existence, but rather truly everything is in spirit? 

I have a fond memory of making zucchini bread with my old covenmate many many moons ago.  The whole coven had been over and we were to do ritual later and she asked if I could help her bake the bread.  We had so much fun, peeling the zucchini, grating, mixing... we reminded ourselves it was time to give blessings and thanks for the ingredients used, to do the simple banishing of energies that no longer served widdershins while toning for the heart chakra deosil as we mixed.  It was the best zucchini bread we ever ate... it's been a while since I've thought of that time.

I plan to spend the rest of the day in pure laziness, cuddling up with Nimue and watching girly movies and just relaxing, enjoying the quiet of the rain and all that it brings.



Wendy said…
Oh? You had a monsoon season too? ;-)

"Used" items are interesting. We always think about cleansing new items for ritual, but why not mundane used items?

Mmm, kitchen-witchin'... Actually, its that time of year to pull out the crock pot and bread machine once more! (Yes, I use a bread machine - Little Miss Homemaker, I am not.)

Autumn is a perfect time to focus on Kitchen Witchery, such as when you made the zucchini bread together!

I'm getting hungry...
Silver said…
We are modern kitchen witches... I also use a bread machine, though mostly because I am allergic to flour. Not in terms of eating it, but in touching it, break out in hives, etc. Odd.

Kitchen witchery fun is nearly here!

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