Last minute trip?

Last night I was up later than I had intended (but not as late as my general hours of sleep tend to be), journaling and thinking about the "what next" in the scheme of things to accomplish around here, and I feel like things are moving fast, general time is moving fast.  We "gained" an hour from daylight savings ending, but I feel like I gave up a couple of weeks for that one hour.  Strange.

Some things have come up and Drac and I have been discussing postponing the move for a few more years.  Not exactly what either of us wants, but there are a lot of things we are putting back on the table that would make much more sense (in all aspects of life) to stay here for another 5-6 years, hopefully at most.  I wanted to be able to be settled in the town we want to live in before Nimue started school, but the sacrifice of that is small in comparison to what we might be able to give our family overall by staying here, plus it'll keep her closer to our family, and I know she needs that.  Plus I know it'll help me with some of the long-term goals I have in mind, though it'll put some other aspects on hold. 

As they say, everything happens for a reason, right?  More importantly, my questions and requests for guidance and signs from the Goddess have been answered, and what I thought might not be possible could very well be.  As I said, we'll see.  Everything seems to shift in just mere days, and this morning was no exception.

Drac's biological mom called, grieving still from Joe's passing, she is still making plans for her own passing, whether she thinks we're aware of it or not, we know this is the case.  She called very early this morning to ask Drac to drive her to Presque Isle, which is pretty much knocking on Canada's door.  That is where they are originally from, Presque Isle.  Drac has mentioned a desire for us to go there, for him to return to his old home area and see what is left, what has changed, etc.  We had talked about doing this at some point, in another year or so, making a trip out of it, but now that his mom has to go up, to get some paperwork there and needs a ride (a 7+ hour drive), he asked quickly on his way out the door for work if we might all be able to go.  She wants to go next week, he has Monday and Tuesday off, and frankly there's no way he could do it alone.  I'm the late night driver, I'm the one who can virtually stay up all hours of the night and be quite alert.  He'd need me there, more than just for driving, I know he'd need us there for support.

Going back will bring back both good and bad memories of his childhood.  I'm sure it will for his mother, too, but she keeps much of that to herself.  I want to support him, to simply be there and hold his hand.  It's quite last minute, and I don't know if this is something we can swing so last minute with potential classes I need to take this month for my CEU's.  Financially this is not the best time for this, however I know she will pay for as much as she can, she's quite stubborn that way.

I think it would be nice, too, for her to see Nimue again.  She has only seen her as a baby, it has been years, and Nimue just lights up a room, gives you her everything and can heal by her mere presence.  Having her there with us would only help, I know.

It would be exciting to go, though, to see where Drac grew up.  Granted it would only be for a day, but still, I do love road trips!



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