Boats and cars, time to go!

Last night was Chad's booze cruise and I must say it was a fabulous time.  I missed last year's cruise because he was the opener and, frankly, the year before really made up my mind that it would be awhile before going on another.  Don't get me wrong, he's an amazing singer, clearly one of my favorites, but that one show was quite disasterous and he's well aware of why, however, last night completely made up for it, and I found myself having more fun and being more social than I thought I would.  In fact several people commented in general how I'm always an "outgoing" and "social" person.  Really?


Strange, I never think of myself as either of those traits, and while there is an aspect of ourselves that may not see what other people see, I've come to realize that these parts of ourselves that are masked for others are channeled moments of what both spirits need in human form in the moment.  I'd reflect further on this thought, however I'm on a tight schedule...

Leaving in an hour for vacation!  Excited, yes, but having that nagging feeling that I have forgotten to pack something, though not dire, as we're not leaving the country, but still, I think I always have that perpetual nagging feeling of forgetting something.

I will be bringing some work on vacation as well, though my focus is unplugging and enjoying a blissful week of no obligations, no priorities, simple enjoyment at its best.  I realized last night on the drive after the boat that when I returned I would have a decent amount on my plate that would be taking up a lot of my time:

-Finishing up W1 and getting ready to start W2
-HBWM study with ADC
-Classes at DoveStar (though sadly not as many as I would like)
-Possible restart of the New Moon group (although if I have to give up something I admit that this will be the first to go)

Plus I want to make time for my own personal practices -- this is also a wonderful year of festivals that I'd love to bring Nimue to this season, and I'd like to prepare for the holydays properly without rush.

But, for now... last minute gatherings and time to drive...



Wendy said…
Have fun! I will await your novel-length email when you get home.

And, yes, I think of you of social and outgoing. When we met it was like "instant hitting-it-off" and the snappy repartee was there, you know?

You seem very outgoing - not introverted at all. Maybe you're a nice balance of each.

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