Quickest blog on the block?

I'm notoriously known for my extremely long blogs/journal entries, however today it will be short... I'm leaving in a few for class tonight, then I'm teaching for the next 2 days. 

I haven't taught during Mercury retrograde in quite some time.  However this class was, essentially, a last minute class.  It was meant to be something else, we pulled it to start anew, then I decided to plug in this class and get the ball rolling earlier.  I was determined to manifest the reality of this program in the time frame I think would suit everyone, but I had forgotten about the retrograde.  The decision for the plug-in comes well before the retrograde took effect, so I have no concerns there, however I think I'd feel less frazzled if it were one of the other classes and not necessarily the first in the series.  Either way, perfection will reign and hopefully more students will be intrigued to pursue the rest of the program further.

There is, however, a lot of cleaning up that needs to be done relative to the energy of this program.  Too many uninformed people speaking to prospective students about what the program is about when they have never even been in the program themselves.  Frustrating, and really idiotic.  Is it such a challenge to have them come back and actually speak with, oh I don't know, say the instructor of the course???  Ridiculous, though not surprising, seems to be a pattern of not being thorough.

I don't feel quite as prepared as I would like for class tonight.  Wishing I had given myself more time to get caught up on the reading, despite having already read the material, I like reading it shortly before to have it fresh in my mind.

I suppose I'm simply feeling rushed with having my class tonight and teaching tomorrow.  The transition from student to teacher is fine, I just prefer personal time to process through my lessons... I will need to reflect further on that next time when schedule classes.  It's not to say I don't give my all, but I require my own private time and that is often put on hold until after my classes, and I prefer the process then, in the moment it wishes to be present and work with me than putting it aside as we have done for centuries as womyn. 

Tonight, however, I am working on being more open.  I'm quite quiet in class, playing my usual role as observer, but I know it doesn't make for the openness of connection... then again, the connection isn't indicative of my willingness to be chatty or not, not in this realm, where our spirits reflect our connectiveness.

I don't want to ask myself questions and distract... I find myself already running behind on my day!



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