Cold delights

It's cold today.  Crispy, New England kind of cold today, fabulous!  Though I spent the morning sleeping in from a headache late last night and then tending to laundry and domestic things, there will be plenty of time to enjoy it outdoors.

I wanted to decorate for Halloween this year, had so many plans but never got around to it.  Between classes and other obligations that took me away from home I never sat down long enough to get it done before October began as my original plan was.  While there is still time, I won't be decorating since things must come down, not back up.  We're planning on packing away small items, taking things off the wall, the things you do when you've made the choice to move away, and this is, really, the first time I've ever moved where I've had more than a week to do it.  First time ever... I honestly don't know where to begin.  I'm used to throwing things in a box and going, boom, done.  Now?  Plenty of time, essentially.

It's not a seller's market, we're hearing that all over the news still, so we have a couple of ideas we're floating through in deciding the next step.  Plus, I don't tend to allow what the state of the economy will dictate relative to my personal prosperity.  I'm aware of it, yes, which is helpful, but I won't let myself drown in the energies of lack when there are more prosperous endeavors and purpose to follow.

In the meantime the holidays are not that far away and I'm looking at the gift-giving ideas that are slowly brewing.  I'm still planning on decorating for xmas and Yule, figuring by then that there will be enough missing that a month of decorations won't be too big of a deal, at the very least Nimue will have her Solstice tree up!

My brother and mother are coming for a visit tomorrow which means that my general plan to get things done and caught up will have to wait until Tuesday.  Even today I am in lazy Saturday mode (despite the fact that it's Sunday). 

I'm in denial at what week we're in.  Chad is playing a show at the end of the week and I haven't purchased my ticket yet, and Christopher is doing a workshop on Sunday as a fundraiser for the Temple organization he's starting which I have yet to register for.  Slacking.  Clearly my mind is still in September, not fully present, though I imagine that's partly due to the past 3 days of not being home.  I haven't had a chance to take care of those little things, and today while my attempts are to catch up, I'm just wanting some time to relax and prepare for the work that lays ahead, not from the house selling/buying/moving perspective, but rather my own personal work.

Time really does fly when you're having fun!



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