A day thrown off by a nap

While I love naps and only get to have them once in a blue moon, they completely throw off my day if I choose (or seem to fall easy prey) to take a nap during a busy day.  A day planned and planned well only to be mocked in the face of a nap.  It was a good nap, but still, throws me off my day.

I'm looking at the next 3 months and attempting to schedule everything in a an easy flow.  It looks good on paper, much of it seems to be spread out fairly well, I'm hoping that it'll translate well in execution.

We're a little over a week away before beginning our book study at ADC with Z's "Holy Book of Women's Mysteries".  Very excited for this and virtually all of the systers in the group are participating in this study which is quite exciting. It's not set up in the same format as AT was, so I will need to be a chapter ahead and really tap into the mysteries of the work to make everything flow in terms of study and practice.  We had a lot of personal success with AT and that was one incredibly awakening book for myself.  I can see myself studying through it again, perhaps in person for a womyn's group in the future.  It's quite powerful.  One of the overseas systers emailed me the other day asking for some tips for an in-person study of AT as she was getting ready to start with a group of womyn.  Very exciting.  While I love ADC and they're such a huge part of my life, it would be wonderful to have that same connection in the flesh.  Somehow the virtual/cyber/ether works well for me, because my sense of connection through energy and the written word is much more fluid than in person connection.  I don't always know why that is, and I haven't delved into that ocean quite yet to figure it out.

I'm in the midst of reading 3 books, 2 for reviews, one for ADC and have given up one for pleasure until the review material dwindles down a bit.  Not complaining, it's giving me opportunity to read things I might not otherwise choose to read as well as gets me out of my obsessive need to reread material instead of opening up something new.  What can I say, I enjoy revisiting old lessons and seeing what it'll bring me this time around.

A couple of events are coming up that I'm attempting to time perfectly, but I also know that this time of year can get quite expensive if not carefully watched.  Irregardless of the holiday season, there's so much in the way of workshops that call to me that I have to really pick and choose what I want and what is necessary, which starts to boil down to the fact that some of it isn't really necessary at all, just my desire to learn more, which isn't seemingly a bad quality, but it can be stagnant if I'm using this as an excuse to simply not push beyond my own inner limits, which admittedly I have done in the past.  More often than not it's my mind being a sponge, wanting to see what new techniques are out there, what new way of thinking is being talked about and worked through.  This time of year is tremendously perfect for that, but I am only one person and the reflection of not being able to be in two places at once is a thick reminder now!

I'm teaching Inner Child Empowerment on Thursday and I feel like it came up quick.  I don't think we'll be able to schedule the 3rd class in the series until January as the students are asking for weekend dates instead of the usual weekday dates that have been going on.  Weekends are harder to schedule, and I was firm that December is a no-go for me on the weekends.  Between the holidays and Nimue's birthday I want to be focused on family.  I do have 2 classes that month, one for myself and one that I'm teaching which I'm hoping students sign up because it's a great class.  I took it over from K before she passed but there was still a stigma attached to the way she had taught it that I know students are still unsure about.  Though, apparently, my reputation as an instructor has enticed students to want to try classes they may have not thought otherwise of taking, and that's a great compliment in and of itself.

Tonight I plan to veg and not think about work at all.  A night of catching up on whatever TiVo has in store for me and some knitting.  Tomorrow I'll need to make sure I'm all set with everything here before being away for 2 days.  I'm excited for this class.  I'm getting a really good feeling about the production of what we're going to do.  This round of students really seem to *get* this work, and it's making me more excited to share this information with them and help them open up beyond what they thought they were capable of.  It's the most gratifying work.  It's not lost on me.



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