Witch's Woods & Celebrate Samhain

It's Monday.  Somehow I'm not in October and the month isn't drawing to an end and Samhain isn't just right around the corner... I had so much planned for this month, however the energy of this month had other plans for me, which has proven to be necessary, but the return to commitments is more prominent than ever.

Friday my brother-in-law and his girlfriend took us out to Witch's Woods since she wanted to go on a haunted hayride, which I admit to have never experienced, and by the next day my throat was completely soar and stripped of any dignity from all the screaming I did.  Serious wimp!  But it was quite a blast and I think we all needed that.  We needed a day to laugh and be silly and ridiculous, and I'm pretty sure my general reaction to the haunted happenings surrounding me provided much comic relief more than the actual event itself.

I have this thing, this strange thing where if I go to something haunted like this (which hasn't been in a few years now), the characters there love to follow me.  LOVE to follow me.  I am a character's dream come true.  I scream at the right times, I laugh that nervous "please don't get me" kind of laugh, and, if I didn't think I would trip from my general clumsy nature, I'd probably run screaming in the other direction.  All in good fun, but I realize how dorky my presence really is, thus, providing wonderful comic relief for those who join me.

Friday night was no exception.  I screamed and screamed... Nimue, who was slightly frightened (though I had tried to show her some video of the place before hand to get her a general idea and her only response was "OH MY!"), she, however, did not scream.  No screaming.  Covered her face at the monsters, though was quite excited to see the witch who gave her a high five and told her she was now protected (how cute!), however, no screaming.  I told her it was all silly stuff, people putting on makeup to make us laugh and scare us because, in the end, it was funny... Drac said I might not have been a good example of how not to be scared, seeing as how scared I was.

The makeup job was great, and the volunteers really stayed in character, I was impressed.  Now, I'm not a horror aficionado, not by any means, so someone who is really into scary movies and horror might have a different opinion, I don't know, but it amused/frightened me, and it proved to be an awesome night!  We're hoping to make it an annual event with my brother-in-law and his girlfriend.

We got home late, only to rise quite early to head to Peterborough for Celebrate Samhain.  It was at the Peterborough UU, which was lovely, but the vendors were quite squeezed in together which made it a bit tight for browsing.  Nimue and Drac went into the kid's area for some crafting while I went upstairs for the spirit communication workshop.

Jeannie, my bil's girlfriend, wanted to attend the workshop but didn't want to go alone.  I'm interested in spirit communication, but wasn't feeling called to the workshop itself, but knowing she wanted to go I went with her, knowing it would still be worth attending.

The presenter was good and the information helpful to many in the audience, I could see that.  It wasn't new information for me, but then again in a 45 minute workshop you are needing to present the basics in hopes that it intrigues someone enough to want to explore further workshops and training with you.  Condensing material is hard.  But I appreciated his discussion about children and reclaiming those parts of ourselves that believed in this stuff -- I wanted to stand up and say "I teach Inner Child Empowerment, let's gather!"... self promotion much?  Ha, but that's a first for me, wanting to promote myself in such a manner, or promote at all.

The following workshop was what I wanted to attend, Chanting: The Ancient Art of Sound.  I enjoyed Karagan a lot, he was such a character and really presented the workshop quite well.  I love chanting, but this was a different perspective on invoking the Goddess and God through humming, which is not something I've done before.  I tone, I chant, but hum?  It was really amazing though, and the energy raised was powerful.  It hardly felt like 45 minutes at all!

I missed the Kitchen Witch workshop due to the fact that driving through Nashua proved to be the bane of my existence yet again.  Not very spiritual, no, but there is something about my relationship with Nashua that I can't ever seem to go through there without getting lost.  Never!  I was disappointed to have missed that, the womyn leading the workshop just gives off this amazing energy.

Christopher got a chance to see Nimue and Drac again, it's been years since he's last seen them and she was excited to meet Christopher.  Got to see the new brochures for his Temple, later attended the workshop.  He also commented on the shortness of the presentation, taking a 3-4 hour course into 45 minutes.  It's not easy.  I've been asked to shift a 16-hour weekend course into a one-day 8 hour course, it's a challenge!  In fact I have been asked recently to do that again with my Prosperity workshop.  Though I take the mentality that you get the information you most need, no matter the length of time, it's all trivial anyway.  It's in the moment and non-linear.

I ran into some old friends, met some new people.  My commitment to remain in NH and be part of the Temple, as well as cultivate a more cohesive practice for my work, is high on the mind right now.  I want to find a place that not only allows us to grow as a family and provides all of the things we want but feel we're lacking here, but I am hoping that it will also produce an area (a workshop area, even an in-law apartment) where I can create my own work place.  Drac is on board with this and excited, now it's just a matter of finding something within our price range.  I'd like to be able to offer private workshops that allow others to travel to me vs the opposite.

I don't mind the traveling, but I have grown tired of it, and I don't want to give everything to DoveStar.  They were a great place for me to gain my footing, but with the transitions that seem so up in the air, I don't want to focus all of my energy there.  That's their place, not mine.  My work there needs to be by their standards, which have both good and unnecessary functions, but I am also not able to cater the material the way I feel it is being called to.

I'm planning on creating a vision board for Samhain, though probably not directly on the 31st, I may consider doing it on the 1st or leading up to Lunar Samhain on the 16th.  It's right around the corner, all here moving forward...



Wendy said…
Someday when I come home to New England, I'll take you to a haunted house or the Witch's Woods, and hold your hand. LOL

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