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I had ritual last night after putting Nimue to bed and I focused on my journey to my inner temple to meet with my ancestral teacher and get some guidance relative to the cultivation of peace and compassion in all aspects of life.  It was extremely helpful, and I was enlightened with various information from 2 of my other guides.  Today I feel more productive, more movement flowing.  It feels like today Mercury went direct, for the smoothness of everything is just so perfectly aligned. 

I've been wanting to work with the various tarot decks that I own for quite some time, and I decided recently to start working through each deck I own once a month.  It's the only way I could see to start tapping into the ones that I've gotten for myself or my spiritual mother has gifted me.  I don't plan to "study" them in the ways that I have tried in the past.  My approach to tarot (and divination) has changed greatly from the days when I first began, and it suites me so much better to due away with the "little white booklet" and really tap into what my guides are channeling through me.  It's so much more permissive and authentic for me, not that that little white booklet doesn't have value, because it does, but it no longer appeals to me, or frankly makes sense to me.

So rather than the "study" approach I am working with the "practicing" approach.  Most likely I won't actually be working with each of the cards, but rather working daily through the deck and at the end of the month be at peace to move onto another deck, completely each one I own and, eventually, practicing reading for others beyond the 2 decks I've always used.  Not that I don't love them dearly, but I'd like to step out of my own comfort zone and practice with these others.

This month's deck: The Haindl.  My spiritual mother introduced me to this deck many many moons ago, early on in my journey in fact, well over 10 years (wow).  I have Pollack's books to go with them, but I am planning on working through them with the approach I am using and eventually may delve into the books (as I would, someday, like to read through my entire collection of books... but that's a post for another day).

I've also been contemplating offering a one-day workshop on tarot reading relative to healing sessions, not so much from the perspective of divination, that's an area of focus that has much value, but I've been told from clients and students how much they value the approach that I offer utilizing tarot in healing sessions for the empowerment of the client.  When I taught Inductions last week the students had asked if there was a class at the school that offers lessons in synergy card readings.  While K was still alive she used to include it in one of the inner classes, which I had taken over a couple of years prior to her death, but it wasn't from this perspective for healing sessions per se.  Plus the synergy cards were of K's development, not relative to any tarot deck, as the program was specific to the Four Forces application that she developed, so unless you took Four Forces and understood (as much as anyone could) about those states of consciousness, chances are you wouldn't be following along in the inner classes with as much ease.  Then again, the information on these classes can be quite transformative if the message isn't lost.

But I digress -- the tarot class, or more relative to the program I teach, the Synergy of Tarot... I'm considering mentioning it to my director to offer as a one-day workshop.  Various students throughout the years have asked me to teach them this process, which really is very simple, but the fact that many are accustomed to the "traditional" way of practice makes them feel like they don't have the "right" to practice the way they want and essentially need to practice this art.  It's an art.  It's not science.  There are no chemicals involved, it's individually based.  Yes, some practitioners/readers have a certain recipe they use, but there are many others that don't follow that same suit, what about them?  And the introduction to this relative to healing sessions advances the facilitiator's rapport (from my experience) with a client, but also empowers the client from the moment the session begins.

I am a little unsure of offering it there, at the school.  I won't hand over any notes or syllabus for the course, it would be mine and I entrust that to no one.  I've been too trusting with my material in the past and while I am offering to teach it there, it's still a product of my creation as an independent contractor.  It's not essential to graduation, it's an elective that I feel could be beneficial based on what the students have shared over the years.

I'm due to teach another class next week, so if I have time to have a chat with my director I'll pitch her the idea and see what she says.  I don't anticipate it being a problem.  Perhaps it's something I could offer next year.  I have a feeling those who take the Synergy of Prosperity class would be interested in this process as well, and that class isn't until December, plus I don't want to rush to create a class syllabus for myself.  Again, it's just an idea I'm toying with.  For now my focus is on my own practice and introduction to these other marvelous decks sitting on my bookcase awaiting play time.



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